IMPORTANT: The admission procedure below is applied for foreigner students only. For Vietnamese students, please refer to Vietnamese version. 


Application must hold a Bachelor’s Degree of Good rank or above by the enrollment date.
Applicants must hold a university transcript of Good rank or above.
Certificate of foreign languages (English, French) (if any).

Discipline of undergraduate training needs to be same, appropriate or near disciplines (see table 1), equivalent to Vietnamese standard of at least four years of full-time study.

  Discipline of undergraduate training Undergraduate training
5 years 4,5 years 4 years
Same disciplines Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Network and Telecommunication, Software Engineering, Information Systems, Information Technology, Computer Engineering Technology, Data Communication and Networks, Electronics and Telecommunications, Telecommunication Systems, Communication Engineering, Electronics and Computer Engineering, Communication Engineering. A1 A2 A3
Appropriate disciplines Control Engineering and Automation, Control Engineering and Automation Technology, Mechatronics. B1 B2 B3
Near disciplines Applied Mathematics and Informatics C1 C2 C3