Course ID: AC5210

Title: Multimedia databases


Person in charge:

            Dr. Thi-Lan Le (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Teaching semester:


Target skills:

To introduce the student to the principles of multimedia information processing and

retrieval. The media to be considered include text, image, audio and video. At the

conclusion of this course, the students should understand what multimedia information retrieval is, the principles, which allow the location of relevant information from amongst a large corpus of multimedia data, and the applications of multimedia information retrieval. The students should also have the expertise and competence to design and implement retrieval software for multimedia data.

Program summary:

  • Overview of multimedia databases
  • Image database retrieval
    • Image feature extraction
    • Relevance feedback in content-based image retrieval
    • Video database retrieval
      • Video segmentation in raw and compressed domain
      • Video indexing and summarization
      • Video retrieval
      • „ Text retrieval
        • Semantic models for multimedia database searching and browsing
        • Multimedia retrieval framework and trends
        • Applications and future
        • ·

Used software: