Course ID: AC6040

Title: Radio-frequency transactions and identification


Person in charge:

            Associate Prof.  Quoc-Cuong Nguyen (Quoc-Cuong.Nguyen

            Dr. Minh-Thuy Le (Minh-Thuy.Le

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Target skills:

This course provides an introduction of Radio frequency and Antenna Fundamentals as well as wireless communication systems with essential information about analog and digital modulations, coding and decoding, RF and microwave specifications and wireless communication standards. It describes architectures of a radio frequency transaction and identification systems. Several applications and major research topic in this field will be mentioned along with potential solutions.

Program summary:

  • Overview of radio frequency and antenna Fundamentals
  • Wireless radio communication system: RF transmitter; RF receiver; Modulation and demodulation; Coding and decoding
  • Wireless communication standards
  •  Radio frequency identification systems architecture: Radio frequency identification components and RFID standards
  • Example applications: Access control; Animal identification; A payment transaction in Free-Flow Electronic Toll Collection (ETC)


Used software: