Course ID: AC6050

Title: Sensors and sensor networks


Person in charge:

            Dr. HOANG Sy-Hong, Dr. Nguyen Viet Tung


Teaching semester:


Target skills:

This course aims at providing to students avaible elementatry sensor/tranducer in percepctive enviroment, method connect and standard for populared sensors. The contents include:

  • Overview of Data Acquisition System. Types of Elementary Sensor / Transducer and signal conditioning;
  • Architecture and main functionalities of smart sensors;
  • Sensor network with his structure and those functions and basic standard;
  • The application: Power Management; Time Synchronization;
  • Secirity.

Program summary:

  • Introduction to concepts of sensors and sensor networks
  • Architectures and Protocol in sensor networks
  • Survey of current scheme and challenges in sensor networks.
    • Power Management
    • Time Synchronization
    • Security
    • Hand on real project of sensor networks to investigate the efficient of node organization, routing and data querying.

Used software: