CourseID: AC6160

Title: Computational Photography


Person in charge:

            Dr. Tran Thi Thanh Hai

            Dr. Vu Hai

Teaching semester:


Target skills:

-        Provide advanced knowledges for students in the domain of computer graphics, computer vision and photography.

-        Overcome the limitations of the traditional camera by using computational techniques to produce a richer, more vivid, perhaps more perceptually meaningful representation of visual world.

-        Improve skills of students in development of computer graphic or vision applications.

Program summary:

  • Introduction to image formation: camera modeling, lighting, image formation, spectral analysis.
  • Imaging techniques for special effects: image transformation, texture systhesis, seam carving, tone mapping.
  • Algorithms for re-creation of advanced images: blending,  decomposition, morphing, panorama, superresolution
  • Improvement of digital camera capabilities: Coded Aperture Photography, Light Field theory, creation of images from Internet data
  • Programming Assignment and Final project

Used software:

-        PhotoShop, ImageJ, Matlab


PC, Digital Camera