Course ID: AC6220

Title: Energy management for pervasive environments


Person in charge:

            Dr. Minh-Hoang Le (Minh-Hoang.Le

Teaching semester:


Target skills:

This course consists in lectures illustrated by means of examples.

-        Industrial solutions to manage energy in buildings.

-         Technologies available in housing.

-         Be able to imagine and to implement new strategies for global and optimal management in buildings.

-        Use of standard solvers for energy optimization problem in buildings.

Program summary:

Chapter 1.  An Introduction to Building Energy Management System (BEMS)

1.1 Intelligent Buildings

1.2. The Development of BEMSs

1.3. Some Benefits of BEMS

1.4. Case Studies

1.5. Future Developments.

Chapter 2. The BEMS Central Station

1.1. Central Station Basics

1.2. Networks Buses and Structured Cabling

1.3. Network Topology

1.4. Software

1.5. Compatibility, Communications and Standards.

Chapter 3. Sensors and their Reponses

3.1. Temperature Sensors

3.2. Setting Up Sensors

3.3. Block Diagrams of the Sensor

3.4. Interference

3.5. Measurement Errors

3.6. Comfort

Chapter 4. Building Heat Loss and Heating

4.1. Heat Loss

4.2. Temperature Relationship

4.3. Heat Loss Resistance Network

4.4. Heating System Design

4.5. Intermittent Heating

Chapter 5. Optimizer Control

5.1. Optimizer Development

5.2. Mixed Integer Linear Optimizers

5.3. Non-Linear Algorithms

5.4. An Optimizer Model

Used software: