The program offers a wide range of courses including the basic courses and the elective courses. The basic courses are obligate for student. Elective courses can be chosen based on personal interest or prior studies. Most courses integrate theory with practical exercises.


Component  Master of Science 
 (120 ECTS credits)
Part 1. General knowledge (Philosophy) 2
Part 2. Basic courses Obligation 38
Elective 15
Part 3. Specialty courses Obligation 20
Elective 15
Part 4. Thesis 30



Standard plan of study for Master of Science


Semester I  33 credits  LV6001
SS6011 Philosophy 2 Thesis
30 credits
AC6010 Pervasive environments and context modeling 7
AC6020 Interaction through computer vision 7
AC6030 Interaction through natural language 7
AC6300 Digital signal processing 5
AC6050 Sensors and sensor networks 5
Semester II  37 credits 
AC6040 Radio-frequency transactions and identification 7
AC5070 Localization and navigation techniques 5
AC6080 Human-machine interaction 5
AC5090 System analysis and design 5
AC5100 Information safety and security in pervasive environments 5
  Electives courses (Basis or Specialty) 10 credits
Semesters III and IV 20 credits
  Electives courses (Basis or Specialty) 20 credits



Elective courses


Component Code Course name ECTS credit
AC5210 Mutimedia databases 5
AC5170 Knowledge representation and reasoning 5
AC6310 Machine learning 5
AC6230 Adaptative filtering 5
AC5200 Design embedded systems 5
AC5060 Mobile and wireless networks 5
AC5140 3D modeling and representation 5
AC6150 Multimedia applications 5
AC6160 Computational photograpy 5
AC6180 Machine translation 5
AC6220 Energy management for pervasive environments 5