Séminaire de PHAM Ngoc Hai, NII, Tokyo, Japan - Date : jeudi 20 février 2014, 14h00 - Lieu : salle "seminar", 9ème étage, Institut MICA, Hanoi University of Science and Technology.


Intervenant :
PHAM Ngoc Hai, MICA Institute/NII Japan


Date : jeudi 20 février 2014, 14h00
Lieu : salle "seminar room", 9ème étage, bâtiment B1, Institut MICA, Hanoi University of Science and Technology
Langue : le séminaire sera présenté en anglais


In the world, there are many teams which had researched in Image Mining and had good upshots but Video Mining is not exploited as much as possible. The main difference between Image Mining and Video Mining involves temporal information and relationship between consecutive frames. In images, there are key points (such as corner points) which can be used for represent all images. In videos, if we match key points frame by frame, we have trajectories of key points. These trajectories can be represented for video, This project analyzed trajectories of key points in depth and to applied real database (TRECVID database).