Academic year 2017-2018

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Nbr Labo Tutor Subject Assigned 
Speech processing
2017-SP-01 MICA Prof. Eric Castelli
Dr. Nguyen Viet Son
Vowel recognition by gesture modeling of pseudo-formants  
2017-SP-02 MICA Dr. Do Thi Ngoc Diep Mining a parallel corpus using in multilingual machine translation  
2017-SP-03 MICA Dr. Do Thi Ngoc Diep Using synonym in machine translation system from/to  Vietnamese  
2017-SP-04 MICA Dr. Mac Dang Khoa
Developing an expressive prosody generator for Vietnamese Text-to-speech  
Image and video processing    
2017-CV-01 MICA Dr. Vu Hai
Ass.Prof. Thi-Lan Le
Dynamic object detection and recognition in an UAV image sequence  
2017-CV-02 MICA Dr. Vu Hai Visual Odometry based on RGB-D Images  
2017-CV-03 MICA Ass.Prof. Thi-Lan Le Video-based person re-identification  
2017-CV-04 MICA Dr. Tran Thi-Thanh-Hai Learning and Matching of Dynamic Manifold from RGB-D data for Human Action Recognition  
2017-CV-05  MICA Dr. Vu Hai Object recognition from point cloud data  
2017-CV-06 MICA Dr. Vu Hai Hand Gesture Recognition Using Kinect  
Pervasive space and interaction    
2017-PSI-01 MICA Dr. Nguyen Viet-Tung Load Forecasting for building and residential electrical load demand  
2017-PSI-02 MICA Dr. Nguyen Viet-Tung Research and evaluate the performance of residence energy management application  
2017-PSI-03 MICA Dr.  Dao Trung-Kien Platform for Simulation of Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks  
2017-PSI-04 MICA Dr. Dao Trung-Kien Ontology based context modeling for smart environments  
2017-PSI-05 MICA Dr. Nguyen Thanh-Huong Indoor localization based on RF ZigBee protocol